Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum call out?

Generally speaking yes, there's a minimum of 2 hours but often this is just to start out and shorter services are possible once a good relationship is formed. Also it's fairly likely I'll be working for another client just around the corner from you.

Can you organise soil, manures, mulch and other materials?

Yes once optimum products have been discussed for your garden these can be included in the job.

What is included in a garden service?

Gardens by Fraser prides itself on being a versatile and broad gardening service so just about everything is covered. The real question is what is not included.

What is not included in a gardening service?

Tree looping of any trees where the height of the tree exceeds 3.5m or the diameter of the tree exceeds 20cm or where lopping violates council regulations Tree lopping or tree pruning of any trees where branches are within a 1m vicinity or hanging over any power, service or telecommunication lines. Pruning of tree branches/limbs which are located higher than a 5m reach and/or the diameter of such limb exceeds 10cm. Pruning of tree canopy's which violate council regulations Hedging the tops of hedges where the top of the hedge is at a height which is unreachable with ladders. Cleaning up excessive pet waste. Any tasks that will jeopardise the health and safety of our gardening crew. Any tasks that may cause possible damage to a customers property, the lot owner/tenant or pedestrians. Excavation or digging of any earth where the depth exceeds 400mm unless documents are held advising the position of any pipes, mains, cables and wires. In the instance documents cannot be produced a declaration will need to be signed by the lot owner/tenant permitting the excavation or digging to commence with liability to be held with the owner. Service requests from customers that require a qualified tradesperson, such as a plumber or electrician. The health and safety of our crew is paramount and under OH&S standards our crew cannot work where site temperature exceed 36 degrees.

How do I pay?

Once the booking is finalised you’ll be asked to provide an email address and at the completion of the job an email invoice will be sent out, which has instructions on how to pay and standard terms of 14 days.

Does Gardens by Fraser take away green waste?

During each maintenance session the green bin/s will be utilised. In situations where there is excess waste or the property does not have a green bin than we bag up the waste in heavy duty bulka bags. From here either the client organises to disposes of these or Gardens by Fraser are happy to organise for it to be transported to the local tip.

Can the weather affect my appointment?

Yes. Delivering on our clients expectations along with the safety of our crew are paramount. Heavy rain can affect the quality of our work, and heat that exceeds 36 degrees can affect the health and safety of our crew, in these cases we may reschedule your job. We will usually let you know the day before based on weather forecasts.

Do I need to supply anything for the Horticulturists?

No, we bring everything with us.

Can you help me on the weekends with jobs?

Yes but at Gardens by Fraser’s discretion and you will need to specify this.

Do I need to be home?

No, it’s totally up to you

Can I cancel or re-schedule and is there a fee?

There are no fees but Gardens by Fraser would appreciated as much notice as possible in order to re-schedule your job. However, repeated cancelations and mischief is more than likely going to result in a refusal of service.